As an international business owner, I am afforded the invaluable asset of a diversity and multi-cultural insight perspective.  This dynamic duo has proven themselves to be excellent marketeers who in essence are Ambassadors for Cultural Enlightenment.  I appreciate that they are unrelenting when seeking to bring to life an uncommon moment for a client or  when searching for that perfect bespoke experience. Who knew that grand had an even more grande level called “Utopic.

Deve Sanford, Vice President of Business Development, Dbranddistribution LLC 

EU, Scandinavis, Switzerland, USA and UAE

The value Annia Jenkins and Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins add to every possible facet of lifestyling is unparalleled to anything I’ve encountered in my life. They truly are the epitome of “lifestyle concierges.” After being a client for only a few months, they had guided me to a point in my dream career that I have been trying for 2 years on my own to get to.  They have helped me chart a doable course to my passion, and have offered up relevant directions that I had never even considered.

Jennifer Stubbington, CEO of BENEATH

This mother-daughter duo represents two of the hardest working women I know!  They are phenomenally insightful at concept development for luxury brands and take pride in creating events that stimulate all of the senses. I find it most uncanny, their ability to bring celebrity and everyday people to the same dance floor, but most importantly, to raise funds for great charities. I have learned so much!

Erica Molett, CEO of Conscious Couture 

The Lounge - Bensound
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