All Things Beautiful & Co. announces the launch of its Luxury Resort Wear Collection.

"For the Jet-Setters"

All Things Beautiful & Co. Luxe Resort Wear has been created with some of the most endeared international travel destinations in mind.  Our beautiful fabrics permeate sleek elegance, enduring comfort and above all, superior luxury.  Whether yachting on the Riviera, dining at Dubai’s Cavalli Club, or taking in the stars at the Sahara Dessert’s Luxury Camp, Merzouga, the All Things Beautiful & Co. Luxe Resort Wear makes a statement and sets the bar high.  Vivid jewel-tones give way to cool stripes and warm free-flowing patterns in mini, maxi, closed and open front kaftans great for travel lounge, sportswear and swimwear.  

This Collection will certainly be listed on the must have list for all luxury travelers.