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Under normal circumstances, All Things Beautiful & Co. would be on a fast-track, curating unique and memorable experiences for our clientele, but just as is the case with many service industry brands, All Things Beautiful & Co. has had to retro-fit and conform our services for the present era of COVID-19. 


It is All Things Beautiful & Co.’s intent to usher in the spirit of ‘beautiful living,’ giving families a sense of escape from being confined for such long periods and ease from the anxieties brought on by the circumstances.  We Have streamlined our active service portfolio to maximize unquestionably safe curations for families confined to their homes due to this unprecedented global pandemic. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All Things Beautiful & Co. is a socially responsible entity that adheres to CDC recommendations and guidelines to assure safety for presenters and guests. Indoor curations are limited to not more than (6) guests, and all outdoor curations are limited to not more than (8) guests. Servicing the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex only at this time.



In-Home Chef Prepared Dinner Experience

Family members will be able to watch as dinner is artfully prepared, with that experience itself being very entertaining.

In-Home Wine Tastings and Pairings w/Sommelier

All Things Beautiful & Co., along with one of our certified Sommeliers, will come to your home during your dinner party to offer an abbreviated presentation regarding wine and wine pairings in accordance with your menu.

Private Dinner Party (Theme of Choice)

Yes, dinner parties are one of our strong suits. From the tablescape to the menu, we bring your theme to life, transforming dinner into an experience.

High Tea Experience

“Fancy a cuppa?” If you know what that means, then you know that nothing can be more delightful than a spot of tea at the top of the evening. It would be the pleasure of All Things Beautiful &Co. to offer you provenance, along with a beautiful tea party with all the tea party trappings. 

Yacht Charter
Brunch or Dinner

What can we say, large or small, it’s a yacht. What an awesome backdrop for a lovely whiteout brunch, a refreshing high-noon lunch or a cool breeze dinner. Captain included.

Luxe Picnic Experience

Believe us when we say, there is NO WAY possible you have ever experienced a picnic like the ones curated by All Things Beautiful & Co. Allow us the pleasure of curating for you, a new genre of picnics like you’ve never seen. 


Interior Design Enhancement

It’s not always the BIG things that yield us the greatest impact, and that's true when it comes to our  home décor as well. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of having to work from home. We will come into your home to offer and implement gentle changes to rooms that deliver Big impact and enjoyment. 

Patio Destination Facelift (Decorative Aesthetics)

This commission allows us to transform your patio into an in-home aesthetically picturesque destination oasis. (generally takes 2 days, weather permitting, but can take up to 4 days)

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